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The Half Cult

You know you love us.

Ally & Kayla
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Ally & Kayla
(thenewpunk & killer_bunny)

This is a community made for you to express your extreme love (or hate) for the halves.

Yes- we are mean, sarcastic, and cold-hearted bitches. Most of the time, anyway.

Feel free to join. (Yes, this community is pretty obviously just a joke. My life is not dedicated to the El Jay, despite popular belief. Don't take it seriously, kids. Social lives are good to have.)

Have fun.

[Also associated with we_hate_jdn]

bathing places, being mean bitches, being spoiled brats, blardying, boys in eyeliner, conspiracies, drinking too much, fehing, hating stupid emo kids, mohawks, music, partying, piercings, sarcasm, thumbs, yeahyeahyeah...yeahyeah